Protrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Era found circa 1900
Relationship to
John Amsterdam
Benwaar is another alias for John Amsterdam, as he was known around the turn of the century. Benwaar was known for his desks, which have become rather famous among antique dealers as examples of fine American art.

John Amsterdam maintains the original tools that he used to create the desks when he was a furniture dealer, and helps his son Omar York out of a financial crisis by creating a desk in the 21st Century to look like one of the original Benwaar pieces of furniture.


  • Only referred to as "Benwaar" in the dialog and subtitles.
  • The fuzzy portrait caption appears to read "J. G. Benwaar in his workshop circa 1903"
  • "Legacy" establishes that John was living as "Dutch" Amsterdam from 1893–1912.
  • John's family tree from "Legacy" also shows that John's alias before Dutch had the given name Arthur.
  • "Golden Boy" establishes that John had a daughter just a few years before taking on the "Dutch" alias.

From the above one could conclude either that John was living as two notable persona at the same time, and left one off his family tree (odd for the shows premise), or that "Legacy" retconned Benwaar as the persona just before "Dutch". In the latter case, Arthur G. Benwaar is likely Maggie's father.

Leading roles:
John Amsterdam Eva Marquez Sara Dillane Omar York
Recurring roles:
Detective Santori
Minor roles:
AA Man Chloe Carlton Eddie Riley Male Nurse Older Lenape Woman Rebecca Woman on Platform Young Lenape Woman

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