All of the episodes filmed for this series is only the eight listed below. Originally, the contract for producing this series called for thirteen episodes, but was later cut down to this group of eight (seven plus the pilot episode).

Episodes of New Amsterdam Edit

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Code
1 "Pilot" Allan Loeb & Christian Taylor (Story),
Christian Taylor (Teleplay)
Lasse Hallström March 4, 2008 101
The series premiere introduces a brilliant New York homicide detective with a profound secret: he is immortal. In response to a heroic action, John Amsterdam will not age a day until he finds "the one." He has had many lives as he has roamed the city of New York for the past 400 years searching for his one true love. Amsterdam's new partner, Eva Marquez, can't wait to be transferred out of homicide, but in the meantime she has to put up with a truly know-it-all partner. Omar is the only one who knows Amsterdam's secret and he's got one of his own. In this episode, a murdered socialite causes John Amsterdam to cross paths with his past and it nearly kills him.
2 "Golden Boy" David Manson John David Coles March 6, 2008 102
Amsterdam and Eva investigate the suspicious death of a student at a prestigious New York City private school which leads to the revelation of a twisted "affair." One of Amsterdam's biggest secrets is revealed, when Amsterdam flashes back to 1941.
3 "Soldier's Heart" Eric Overmyer Bobby Roth March 10, 2008 103
A homeless Gulf War veteran confesses to the grisly murder of a controversial psychiatrist, but Amsterdam is skeptical. While reviewing the psychiatrist's soon-to-be published book, Amsterdam contemplates the reliability of memories and the reasons people bury them. Could the motive for this murder lie in the psychiatrist's own research? The murder also brings Amsterdam closer to finding "the one" who he believes will unlock his heart and make him mortal. Though he's certain the sparks he feels are real, he encounters the unexpected.
4 "Honor" David Manson Ken Girotti March 17, 2008 104
John Amsterdam is called in to investigate the rape of an Indian fashion designer, Amartya Vikram, who is reluctant to testify against her attacker. She finally does so over the objections of her conservative family, but the rapist, Phillip Long, is freed on a technicality. After Long apparently murders Amartya for revenge, John must ensure the killer is brought to justice while dealing with memories of his own past and another time he confronted a rapist in the year 1813.
5 "Keep The Change" John Manckiewicz Jim McKay March 24, 2008 105
John and Eva investigate the death of a homeless man whose best friend believes that his overdose was actually a homicide. They uncover a mysterious connection between the new homeless shelter and an expensive guitar the dead homeless man kept in his locker. Meanwhile, John remembers when he struggled with addictions and entered a 12-step program back in 1964 after passing out drunk one too many times and ending up in the psych ward. Also, Sara begins to believe that John is hiding a secret from her.
6 "Legacy" Barry Pullman John David Coles March 31, 2008 106
When police find a bullet-ridden body in an apartment in Chinatown, John and Eva are called to investigate. The deceased young man's striking similarity to Roosevelt, a lost son of John's from the year 1913, prompts him to take a personal stance on the case. The search for the killer leads John to the Spoors, a violent crime family headed by Roosevelt's kin. The discovery makes John question the actions of his past and the reverberating consequences they have on those around him.
7 "Reclassified" Eric Overmyer Jean de Segonzac April 7, 2008 108
John becomes fixated on granting the dying wish of his first partner, Andy, who is slowly wasting away from leukemia caused by a bullet lodged in his heart. Andy wants the unknown shooter brought to justice before he dies, but the case is more convoluted than anyone originally believes. Memories of John's beginnings as a homicide detective help him not only piece together clues to his friend's case, but also prompt John to realize he may be nearing the end of his quest for love and mortality. However, he embarks down a precarious path as his investigation leads to altercations with the Russian mafia and culminates with a shocking end.
8 "Love Hurts" David Manson & Ashley Gable (story),
David Manson (teleplay)
Matthew Penn April 14, 2008 107
In the season finale John, still recovering from his recent gunshot wound, and Eva investigate the death of a drowned woman. The death might be related to a string of robberies of wealthy men linked to a dating service. The case causes John to flashback to his life in 1927 when as a grifter, he stole jewelery from his lover. Upset over still being apparently immortal, John breaks it off with Sara Dillane.

Pilot Golden Boy Soldier's Heart Honor Keep The Change Legacy Reclassified Love Hurts

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