Johann van der Zee
Protrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Era found 1600's
Relationship to
John Amsterdam

Johann van der Zee is the birth name for John Amsterdam, used from when he was born in Amsterdam, Holland through his service in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in North America. During an attack on a Lenape village, his personal honor causes him to stand up against his fellow soldiers and prevents the death of a young girl in that village. In the process of having this happen, a sword is thrust through his body in what should have been a fatal injury, but is healed by a Lenape shaman and given the "gift" of being able to live forever.


The name literally means John of the Sea, for more detail see the following articles at Wikipedia

Leading roles:
John Amsterdam Eva Marquez Sara Dillane Omar York
Recurring roles:
Detective Santori
Minor roles:
AA Man Chloe Carlton Eddie Riley Male Nurse Older Lenape Woman Rebecca Woman on Platform Young Lenape Woman

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