Keep The Change
Honor Legacy
Production Code NAM-105
Written by John Manckiewicz
Directed by Jim McKay
Original airdate March 24th, 2008
Rating 3.8
Market share 6
18-49 Rating/Share 2.0/5
Viewers 6.19 million
Time slot rank 4
Night rating rank 11
Week rating rank 52
Official press release 105-Keep The Change
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Episode 105 - Keep The Change
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John and Eva investigate the death of a homeless man whose best friend believes that his overdose was actually a homicide. They uncover a mysterious connection between the new homeless shelter and an expensive guitar the dead homeless man kept in his locker. Meanwhile, John remembers when he struggled with addictions and entered a 12-step program back in 1964 after passing out drunk one too many times and ending up in the psych ward on the “Keep The Change” episode of NEW AMSTERDAM

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