Lenape Village
Indian Healing
Era found 1640's
Characters present:
Johann van der Zee
Young Lenape Woman
Older Lenape Woman

The Lenape Village is home to some of the Lenape who live on the northern end of Manhattan island during the early days of the establishment of New Amsterdam. Johann van der Zee (the original name for John Amsterdam) is stabbed in the chest when the village is attacked by Dutch soldiers from New Amsterdam. Out of a sense of honor, Johann reprimands his fellow soldiers when they start to attack the women and children of the village, only to get stabbed through the chest with a sword as a reply.

After the attack, members of the village take Johann to the village shaman who heals his wounds and then gives Johann a gift: immortality until he can find "the one" true love.

More DetailEdit

Major locations:
Omar's Bar and Grill
Minor locations:
John's Apartment John's Secret Room

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