Protrayed by Christian Corp
Era found 2000's
Relationship to
John Amsterdam
Rebecca is one of the lovers of John Amsterdam, and is introduced when she dances the Tango with John in his apartment while listening to some music on an older vinyl record player. She appears to be a one-night fling of John's and never appears again.

Trivia Edit

  • Rebecca appears in the preview teaser that was shown on FOX television as a part of the montage of scenes.
  • In the original version of the series pilot, Rebecca shows up again about half-way through the episode, showing a bitter break-up of the relationship between John and herself, and being angry that John hasn't been completely honest about who he is to her.

Leading roles:
John Amsterdam Eva Marquez Sara Dillane Omar York
Recurring roles:
Detective Santori
Minor roles:
AA Man Chloe Carlton Eddie Riley Male Nurse Older Lenape Woman Rebecca Woman on Platform Young Lenape Woman

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