Roosevelt “Rosie” Amsterdam
Protrayed by Zachary Booth
Era found born 1894
Relationship to
John Amsterdam

Roosevelt “Rosie” Amsterdam (born 1894) is the son of “Dutch” Amsterdam and Samantha. Rosie and his mother left Dutch in 1912, after Dutch had an affair with Alice Crayborn. “Dutch” never saw them again, and it would be almost a century before John found out what happened to his son.

After leaving their family home Greenwich Village, Rosie went on to become a teacher.

Rosie’s Descendants Edit

His son Theo took the surname Spoor, and became a mobster during the great depression after failing to make a legal living.

By 2007, Theo's eldest grandson Nicholas is the boss of the Spoor crime family. It later comes to light that Nicholas murdered his younger brothers Piers and Alex in an attempt to keep secret that he was an FBI informant.

The Spoor family still owns Dutch's painting of Alice Crayb0rn, keeping it at the family distillery.

Leading roles:
John Amsterdam Eva Marquez Sara Dillane Omar York
Recurring roles:
Detective Santori
Minor roles:
AA Man Chloe Carlton Eddie Riley Male Nurse Older Lenape Woman Rebecca Woman on Platform Young Lenape Woman

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